Math Pattern Activities

I know many ask the question “is it important to teach patterns in the classroom?”. It may seem like a unit that is too easy for most kids, but there are so many benefits. Math pattern activities are a must in every preschool and kindergarten class. It not only creates order in a chaotic situation, […]

Math Notebooks in the Classroom

As a kindergarten and first grade teacher, I loved teaching math. Don’t get me wrong! Literacy is my baby. However, I have a special place in my heart for math interactive notebooks! The amount of growth that my students demonstrated made me excited to move on to the next unit. Math notebooks were great tools […]

5 Strategies for Kindergarten Math

Are you happy with the kindergarten math instruction you are providing your learners? Do you think there is room from improvement? Or does planning math with the curriculum you have (or lack thereof) stress you out? Having learners come to the classroom at different levels of exposure and instruction is a challenge for most early […]

Same and Different Sorting Activities

Sorting is one of the first units covered in many early childhood classrooms.  It is an essential skill for little ones to understand before many other math skills are developed.  Little learners need to know what makes objects the same and different in order to understand the concept of sorting. Same and Different This may […]