Introducing Addition and Subtraction Activities

You know your little ones are growing up when they begin adding and subtracting! Kindergarten is such a big year. Your class full of students come in knowing a little bit about reading and numbers. They leave reading books, and knowing how to add and subtract! Teaching operations can’t be a pencil to paper skill. […]

Are Visual Aids Important When Teaching Math?

It is no secret that math manipulatives are great for teaching new math skills to little learners. But how important are visual aids when teaching math in early childhood classrooms? What are Visual Aids? Visual aids are resources that contain information learners can see. Posters, videos, anchor charts, etc. are all great examples. But for […]

Why Math Vocabulary is So Important

We want our learners to be successful with math skills. But are we teaching them to be math literate? One strategy to promote math literacy is by purposefully instructing and using math vocabulary every day in our classroom. Math Literacy Reading math books is a great way to engage learners, but that is not what […]

Spiral Review with Math Centers

Math centers are the perfect way for your learners to practice math skills they are learning. Planning a spiral review with math centers throughout the school year will help your learners master these skills. Spiral Review Learning new skills can be fun and challenging at the same time. Remembering math skills that were taught days, […]

5 Strategies for Kindergarten Math

Are you happy with the kindergarten math instruction you are providing your learners? Do you think there is room from improvement? Or does planning math with the curriculum you have (or lack thereof) stress you out? Having learners come to the classroom at different levels of exposure and instruction is a challenge for most early […]