How to Use Math Charts during Whole Group Instruction

How often do you hold meetings or circle time each day in your classroom? I held meetings anytime I wanted my students’ complete and full attention. It’s different for every teacher and every classroom. Most days, my circle time was for my core subject whole group lessons. Being on the floor and away from desks […]

Introducing Measurement Activities for Little Learners

I love teaching this unit! Measurement is a new and exciting skill for kindergarten students, so there is no doubt they look forward to a math lesson every day. There are so many benefits to this unit: it provides skills to compare an object to another. measurement helps students understand that everything can be measured […]

Pumpkin Observation Made Easy

Pumpkin observation.  Is it just me or do you get a little giddy when pumpkin time in the classroom comes around?  I absolutely love watching little ones explore pumpkins. And this free printable is a great way to get them excited. Picking Pumpkins One of my favorite fall field trips is when you get to […]