I love teaching a little one to write. But I’ve had so many questions from people. “How do you do it?” “Where do I start?” “How do I meet all of my learners?” Those are all very valid questions. And when I get these questions, I tell people to not make writing stressful for kids. […]

Picture Books for Writing Conventions

Writing conventions are challenging to teach at times. I know in my experiences, it’s hard to bring authentic lessons and activities to keep learners engaged. Because who really wants to look at sentences and break them apart? However, my style of teaching changed when I found these picture books for writing conventions! My students beg […]

Writing Mentor Texts You Need for the Classroom

Do you find it difficult to introduce the skill of writing to young learners? Have you noticed your writers aren’t making the progress you hoped? Writing is a difficult, but very important skill for little ones. The sooner we get our kids writing, the easier it will be for them as they mature. You’ll make […]

Writing Series Part 3- Story Elements

It’s week three! Week three involves the next step of the writing process, the story elements, and hopefully your little learners are getting closer to writing a story! Continue With Mentor Texts I mentioned mentor texts in my last post about prewriting planning. I continue using mentor texts at this point in the writing process. […]

Mentor Texts and Why We Use Them

Writing brings a love/hate relationship to many teachers.  Not that we do it on purpose, but many teachers push writing to the side.  Writing is something that doesn’t come easy to many young learners.  It can lead to a lot of frustration if it’s not modeled well. If you’re in the same boat as a […]