FREE Printable Book for Teaching Colors

When I think of the world that we live in and how many colors are all around, I am truly amazed.  Rainbows, fish, butterflies, flowers…there are  many colorful things in our world.  So, when it comes to teaching colors to my little learners, what better way than to let them know that these colorful things come from God. […]

Acts of Kindness for Little Learners

Kindness…how often and how well do we show kindness to others?  Sharing this fruit of the spirit with our little ones will help them to care for others. Also, sharing instills in our little learners empathy and putting the needs of other before their own.  How do you teach acts of kindness to your little […]

Grow in God: A Spring Bible Lesson

Spring is great time to remind us just how powerful and amazing our God is.  Trees, flowers and grass that were bare or dormant during the cold winter months grow to become new and beautiful during the spring.  What a great time to teach little ones that they can grow in God just like the spring […]