Teaching Names and Pre-Reading Skills

When school starts up every year many kindergarten teachers are prepping name activities for their new students.  One of the first pre-reading skills children should learn to be school ready is how to identify their name.  But, how can teachers introduce students to their names without them getting bored, overwhelmed or overworked? One of my […]

Caterpillar Name Activity

Names are special.  Especially to little ones. It was probably the first thing they recognized when they were a baby.  They want to know everything they can about their name.  But why are name activities so important when introducing letters?  Check out this fun, interactive name activity that my kids love! The Benefits of  a Name […]

Steps to Name Writing for Little Learners

Teaching little learners to write their own name is one of the basic skills parents, preschool and kindergarten teachers alike are always looking for ways to practice.  There are so many name activities out there to help little ones learn their own name. But name tracing is one of the easiest ways to get learners […]

Name Activities for Little Learners

Names.  Everyone has one and they are a great way to get your learners engaged and introduced to so many skills and resources.  The start of every school year is a great time to pull out fun name activities for learners to enjoy. Popsicle Names Hands on and fun name practice can be done with […]