Four Reasons to Encourage Outdoor Learning

Can you tell a difference in your kids when they spend too much time indoors? Winter months are the hardest. The cold, cloudy, back to back days really do a number on my kids. Their attitudes change, they have no desire to do anything and they spend a lot of time watching TV. Promoting outdoor […]

Five Senses Sense of Sight Activity

Teaching science outside is probably one of my favorite ways to engage my learners.  There is so much to learn and see just from exploring the outdoors.  This five senses book is great for the classroom or to get the kids outside when they are home. Five Senses One of my favorite authors is P.K. […]

All About My Leaf Science Activity

Simple science activities are a great way to help your learners explore science in and out of the classroom.  Creating experiences, like this leaf science activity, allows your learners to record and make observations about data they collect. This is a great way to teach scientific investigation in the classroom. Collecting Data There is nothing better than taking […]