8 Road Trip Activities for Little Learners

Road trips can be stressful with little ones. You want to keep them occupied, but don’t want to keep them in front of a screen the entire time. So, what do you when you have hours ahead on the road with a car full of little ones? I came across these great road trip activities […]

Holiday Incentive Charts

The holidays are an exciting time for everyone! It’s such a magical time for the kids. The treats, holiday movies, and the decorations make it the most exciting. But if you’re a classroom teacher or parent, you know that our little ones tend to forget the expectations when they are so excited! You find yourself […]

Halloween Costumes for Little Readers

Dressing up for Halloween is always exciting for little ones, but when it comes to dressing up for a day at school what Halloween costumes will your little ones be wearing?  Here are some adorable ideas… Garbage Truck Costume One of my favorite costumes was Grayson’s garbage truck Jared made the year Kynlee was born.  G […]