Preschool Penguin Activities

My favorite unit to teach during the winter is our penguin unit. Penguins are a favorite of all preschoolers. They are fascinating creatures that we don’t see unless we visit our local zoo! These preschool penguin activities are a great addition to your science based penguin activities. Literacy Activities A big milestone for preschoolers is […]

Penguin Center for Teaching Short Vowels

Penguins, penguins everywhere! And for a very good reason…they are so adorable. Creating literacy centers that are fun for learners might include a cute critter to catch their attention. This free penguin center is a great way to engage learners while teaching short vowels. Short Vowels Short vowels are the cornerstone of learning to read. […]

How Penguin Activities Help Students Learn Informational Texts

When winter rolls around, my daughter just can’t get enough penguin activities. These little birds are the cutest with their little short bodies and waddles across the ice.  She laughs and giggles every time we see them at the zoo.  Of course, when I go to switch out my seasonal books I have to make […]

Positional Words with a Penguin

Your child is ready to learn positional words, but where do you start?  A cute penguin is always the way to go!  I was on amazon one day and came across this adorable plush penguin. Of course, it gave me the great idea (and excuse to buy him) of creating a positional words game. I knew I […]