Halloween Word Play for Beginning Readers

Learning how to hear the individual sounds or phonemes in words can be a tricky skill for many early readers.  One tool that is a great help during small group instruction is Elkonin boxes.  These Halloween Elkonin boxes are perfect for a warm-up word play activity this October. What Are Elkonin Boxes? You’re probably thinking […]

Consonant Blends Puzzles

I never knew how much I love teaching phonics until I got back into the classroom! I have kindergarten, first grade and now second grade under my belt. I have a love for all three grades, but I think second grade is my favorite so far! We help transition our students from learning to read […]

Phonics with Letter Cards

Phonics are a vital part of early elementary classrooms. It’s the beginning steps to reading, and having the right tools is so important. My letter cards are perfect for your beginner readers! Ways to Use Letter Cards There are many fun ways to use these cards! Whether it’s for whole group or small group, they […]