Super Syllables Literacy Activity

I think my favorite part of teaching kindergarten students is to watch them grow in their reading skills. Many come to you on the first day of school only learning to read their name, while others come in already reading books. But to see the growth that these students make in one year is astonishing! […]

Boom Cards Freebie

Have you heard about Boom Cards? It’s the new craze in the teacher world and it’s really cool! You find more and more technology in classrooms these days, and teachers are always on the hunt for interactive activities. I recently jumped on the book cards bandwagon and I’m offering you my first freebie! A Simple […]

Ocean Literacy Cards

The ocean is a great getaway for our family. We try to go to Florida every other year, and it’s something the kids look forward to every time we plan it. Living in Texas, and away from any beaches or oceans, we all get excited when we see a creature we don’t see on a […]

Oviparous Animals

Oviparous is a fairly new word to me. That’s because I didn’t know what it meant until my first year of teaching. Not lying! Many of you are nodding your head because it happened to you. Some of you are thinking “Really?? What did you learn in school!?” And some of you are scratching your […]

Christmas Alphabet Sentence

Gift giving is the best part of the holiday season. Don’t you agree? In our house, we make an attempt to talk about how important giving is rather than receiving. We make a lot of our gifts to give, and it’s such a joy to see the creations the kids make. But of course, we […]

Five Senses of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great to time teach your little ones about gratitude, family traditions and history. Of course, you have to throw in a little turkey silliness!  If you know me, I love finding new books.  Of course, you have to have some fun activities to tie in with your new books.  Here are a few […]