Five Senses of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great to time teach your little ones about gratitude, family traditions and history. Of course, you have to throw in a little turkey silliness!  If you know me, I love finding new books.  Of course, you have to have some fun activities to tie in with your new books.  Here are a few […]

Health Kit Freebie

There is never a bad time to teach about our health. You can teach this unit at any time, which is very convenient. And there is no rule saying you can’t teach it multiple times! Dental Health Month provides a great opportunity for teachers to hit on overall health lessons. This Health Kit is so […]

Football Math Center for Little Fans

Football is here!  The boys in my house are rejoicing.  However, the Fantasy Football obsession I could do without.  This football math center is perfect for the football fans in your classroom.  Even better, the ways to use this activity are endless. Football Math Using learners’ interests to get them engaged is no secret.  The […]

20 Gingerbread Books for Little Learners

Teaching our little learners about gingerbread is such a fun unit to get to explore this time of year! They’ll love learning about gingerbread men, gingerbread houses, and more! There are so many fun ways to go through this unit and watch them learn. It’s even more fun as you read through gingerbread books related […]

20 Polar Animals Books for Little Learners

Exploring the polar animals unit is such a fun and exciting one! There are lots of ways to explore this unit with little learners and watch them be amazed as they learn all about polar animals. It’s so fun to watch as you read through polar animals books related to this unit, too! Finding all […]