Pumpkin Observation Made Easy

Pumpkin observation.  Is it just me or do you get a little giddy when pumpkin time in the classroom comes around?  I absolutely love watching little ones explore pumpkins. And this free printable is a great way to get them excited. Picking Pumpkins One of my favorite fall field trips is when you get to […]

20 Pumpkin Books for Little Learners

Teaching our little learners about pumpkins is such a fun unit to get to explore this time of year! They’ll love learning about pumpkins and how they grow! There are so many fun ways to go through this unit and watch them learn. It’s even more fun as you read through pumpkin books related to […]

Apples and Pumpkins Reading Activity

Fall is such a beautiful time of year.  The colors are changing and so many delicious treats are ripe and ready for the picking.  Whether you go to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch this fall your learners are bound to enjoy some learning activities about these fall treats.  Get them engaged with a reading […]

Dramatic Play Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Do you use a home center in your classroom or homeschool?  Creating a space for learners to mimic cooking and other household chores has so many benefits from preschool to first grade (yes – still in first grade). Providing your little learners with home center activities that promote social, cognitive, language and physical development is essential to […]

Interactive Notebooks or Interactive Lapbooks?

Interactive notebooks have been a must-have resource in elementary classrooms for several years. It’s easy to see why.  As you know, creating a hands on resource that your learners can engage with allows them to continue learning, even after the lesson is taught. However, sometimes interactive notebooks can be just too much for some students and teachers. […]