I’ve used interactive poems for years. They never get old with my students and they have so many benefits if you use them consistently. Follow along as I explain the importance of interactive poems! Engagement The importance of interactive poems has a huge list of benefits. I could write for days! But let’s start with […]

Fall Activities to Encourage Literacy

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year.  It means no more one hundred degree days, shorter days and outside colors changing (a little…remember…I’m in Texas!).  Fall is also a great time to take learning outside to experience the changes taking place.  However, there are a ton of rainy days that keep learning indoors.  […]

9 Digital Resources to Get You Through the School Year

Technology has come a LONG way in the elementary classroom. In a ten year period, our classrooms went from a handful of desktop computers that took up so much space, to every student having their own device. I’m so excited to be back in the classroom. Technology is going to play a huge part in […]

A Space Unit Every Early Learner Will Love

Get a child to talk about space, and you will have them gabbing for hours! Their little minds are intrigued with what’s beyond Earth. Bring engaging activities to your classroom and you’ll have them glued every single day! My Travel to Space unit will spark the imagination of your classroom that they will beg to […]

Winter Rhyming Digital Activity for Little Learners

Winter months are here, which mean colder temps and more inside learning. I find it hard to get students motivated during the winter months due to the cold and wet weather. Usually, there are a few days a week where we are all crammed in the classroom all day not seeing an ounce of outside […]

Are You Making the Most of Circle Time?

Circle time, morning meeting, calendar, morning message, carpet time, whatever you choose to call it in your classroom or home…it is one of the most important times of the day for learning with your little ones.  Are you making the most of it? If your learners are sitting on the carpet for 30 minutes…probably not.  Or, […]