States of Matter Unit for Little Learners

Exploring matter and energy in kindergarten and first grade is so much fun.  Watching little ones see the objects around them scientifically is exciting and a tad bit adorable.  But nothing beats the surprise as they see matter change before their eyes. Teaching states of matter may take a lot of preparation and experiments, but […]

A Fun Polar Science Experiment!

Questions!  Oh, the questions!  If you’ve ever sat in a kindergarten or first-grade class, you know that you have a full day of questions.  Especially if you introduce a topic they are unfamiliar about.  My little learners ask so many great questions during our polar animal unit.  This polar science experiment is a great way […]

Science Safety for Little Learners

Safety in the classroom is extremely important. Teachers go over so many rules and expectations to keep their little learners safe. Because safety rules are listed in kindergarten and first grade standards, it’s a must to go over in the classroom. I like to teach safety rules during my science block. This science safety poster […]

Energy and Movement

From the vegetables that we eat to the soccer ball that flies down the field, the objects around us are full of energy. But how can we find that energy? Science is all around us, and can be very intriguing for our young learners! This unit is definitely something all learners want to know more […]

Force and Motion

Force and motion have to be one of my favorite units to teach! First, you can teach it at any time of the year. Movement doesn’t happen at certain times of the year. It’s everywhere all the time! Second, it’s fun to teach because it’s hands on. And that’s what kids love. It keeps them […]

Apple Science Lapbook

Do you ever find yourself scrambling to pull together plans for a unit?  There are so many ideas on Pinterest and sending home a backpack of papers that will end up in the trash is just not an fun option.  A lapbook may be the solution you’re looking for! Integrated Science Unit Some of the science […]