Preschool Penguin Activities

My favorite unit to teach during the winter is our penguin unit. Penguins are a favorite of all preschoolers. They are fascinating creatures that we don’t see unless we visit our local zoo! These preschool penguin activities are a great addition to your science based penguin activities. Literacy Activities A big milestone for preschoolers is […]

September Literacy and Math Centers

Being a teacher keeps you busy! With all the different activities you have to plan, you spend every minute you have planning your lessons. Have you ever forgotten one part of your lesson plan after it was too late? For me, it was always my math and literacy centers. But I got smart! My September […]

8 Road Trip Activities for Little Learners

Road trips can be stressful with little ones. You want to keep them occupied, but don’t want to keep them in front of a screen the entire time. So, what do you when you have hours ahead on the road with a car full of little ones? I came across these great road trip activities […]

Shape Activities and Printables for Little Learners

I’m a literacy lover…getting my Masters of Education in Reading makes that pretty evident.  So, when it comes to teaching math in the classroom I often felt like I was doing a terrible job.  My brain does not go the math route.  And trying to convince my learners that math was amazing got a little […]

Real-Life Shape Posters

It’s that time of year where you’re getting your classroom ready for a new school year! You fill the walls with posters, label everything in sight, and organize your supplies. Something you might consider is adding posters like these real-life shape posters to your decor! Why Use Real Life Images? Sure, we can slap a […]