I’ve used interactive poems for years. They never get old with my students and they have so many benefits if you use them consistently. Follow along as I explain the importance of interactive poems! Engagement The importance of interactive poems has a huge list of benefits. I could write for days! But let’s start with […]

Interactive Farm Book for Little Learners

One of my favorite thematic units to teach in the classroom is farm. There is so much to teach and a ton of ways to incorporate standards into your instruction.  I have a variety of farm books to choose from for our unit, but my new favorite is our interactive farm book. I just recently introduced these […]

Setting Reading Expectations in the Classroom

As a literacy teacher, teaching my students the importance of reading is my entire day. My students make huge transitions in reading during their second grade year. They move from learning to read and begin reading to learn. It’s so important to set reading expectations. As a result, you’ll see huge improvements! Find out how […]

Engagement with an Interactive Pocket Chart

Pockets charts are an essential resource for every early childhood classroom.  Some manage classroom helpers, lunch choices or for literacy and math centers.  As a result, a pocket chart will help your classroom and learners throughout the school year. Pocket Chart Most classrooms have this type of center for their learners to explore during their […]

Importance of Thematic Units

It is so fun to look at all the adorable themes for little learners on Pinterest.  From apples and pumpkins to bugs and flowers, there are so many cute ideas for your students.   But, how can these “cute” thematic unit activities teach students what they need to learn in the classroom? What is a Thematic […]

Why Shared Reading Is Good For Your Students

If you’re familiar with Shared Reading, you know that it differs from guided reading. I opened my reading block with shared reading on a daily basis.  Why?  There are so many benefits to shared reading that you might not be aware of!  It’s a great activity to do during your circle time! Why Shared Reading? […]