Ocean Literacy Cards

The ocean is a great getaway for our family. We try to go to Florida every other year, and it’s something the kids look forward to every time we plan it. Living in Texas, and away from any beaches or oceans, we all get excited when we see a creature we don’t see on a […]

Editable Sight Word Cards

Sight words a vital part of an early elementary classroom. They are words that our learners have to know, but don’t fit into certain spelling patterns. So, of course these can be quite confusing for beginner readers. But with the right strategies and activities, learning to read these sight words will be a breeze! Check […]

Star Sight Words

Sight words can create a love/hate relationship with teachers. You hear a room full of moans and groans when you hear those two words. Why? Because they have to be taught, and it can lead to some very boring activities. Unless, you get creative! Make Sight Words Fun! Sure, you can throw some flash cards […]

Fall Foods Pocket Chart Sentences

One of my favorite things to do in fall is…eat.  Please, no judgment here.  But, who can resist the delicious fall foods that make the cooler weather and colorful foliage even better?  So, it is no wonder that this pocket chart center involves some fun fall foods. Fall Theme Activities If you know MJCS you […]

Editable Sight Word Magnetic Letter Center

I was a junior in college and observing a kindergarten classroom for the first time.  The room was filled with children scattered about working at their literacy stations.  Through the noise my attention turned toward the sight word center where the teacher was performing sight word assessments during her reading group.  She must have saw […]

August Literacy Centers

If you are a planner, summer is probably in full swing and you are ready to get a head start on back to school prep.  There is so much to do to get your classroom ready.  Then there is lesson planning along with literacy centers and math centers. If you are a procrastinator, you probably […]