States of Matter Unit for Little Learners

Exploring matter and energy in kindergarten and first grade is so much fun.  Watching little ones see the objects around them scientifically is exciting and a tad bit adorable.  But nothing beats the surprise as they see matter change before their eyes. Teaching states of matter may take a lot of preparation and experiments, but […]

Jelly Bean Science Experiment

My son has a huge taste for jelly beans.  While the texture is something I can’t stand, he could play BeanBoozled for hours.  No, thank you!  However, using this jelly beans science exploration activity was a win for both of us.  Especially, when there is a surplus after the Easter holiday. Use What You Have […]

Shadow Matching Activity

There is never a bad time for a good matching activity! I personally love pulling out simple, but effective matching activities for my little ones for some independent learning. However, most matching games are all the same. Your learner matches two identical pictures together. So, I decided to create something a little different, and the […]

Pumpkin Observation Made Easy

Pumpkin observation.  Is it just me or do you get a little giddy when pumpkin time in the classroom comes around?  I absolutely love watching little ones explore pumpkins. And this free printable is a great way to get them excited. Picking Pumpkins One of my favorite fall field trips is when you get to […]

Liquid Rainbow Science Experiment

Who doesn’t love a good science experiment?  Especially one that is so easy and amazes little learners.  My kiddos love to do this Liquid Rainbow science experiment together to explore liquids and the differences in their density. Observations To help learners understand this experiment and give a little background to why the results happen I […]