Winter is here and in most cases there is a lot of learning inside rather than outside. I find that my learners are more fidgety during the winter months than any other season. It doesn’t get too cold here in Texas, but the lack of sun and the short days leave my students tired and […]

Telling Time Practice

How many times do you hear the words “What time is it?” or “When is lunch time?” Probably too many times to count, right? Telling time is a skill that some think is outdated because of the digital era, but I feel it’s something that we need to teach our children. Write the Room Style […]

Must Have Tools for Your Guided Reading Instruction

Guided reading is a must in my classroom.  I see so much growth in my students when I spend time with each group.  Creating a fun learning space is so important to guarantee your students stay engaged during small group instruction. I’m sharing with you my favorite guided reading tools to ensure that your students will […]

Phonics with Letter Cards

Phonics are a vital part of early elementary classrooms. It’s the beginning steps to reading, and having the right tools is so important. My letter cards are perfect for your beginner readers! Ways to Use Letter Cards There are many fun ways to use these cards! Whether it’s for whole group or small group, they […]

Math Notebooks in the Classroom

As a kindergarten and first grade teacher, I loved teaching math. Don’t get me wrong! Literacy is my baby. However, I have a special place in my heart for math interactive notebooks! The amount of growth that my students demonstrated made me excited to move on to the next unit. Math notebooks were great tools […]

Steps to Becoming a Successful Reader

The joy and hardships of a kindergarten and first grade teacher are teaching learners to read. It’s such a huge and challenging task. However, when you see the growth of a reader in just a few short months, it’s so rewarding. When I was in the classroom, I constantly modeled what successful readers do. And […]