Warning: Snowmen At Work!

When I began teaching, I thought that I had to follow my yearly curriculum by the week.  No….by the day.  After a few years into my career, I realized how oh-so-wrong I was!  Never did I anticipate all the crazy hiccups that came with the job. Furthermore, the flexibility of the job was by far […]

Snowflake Toddler Sensory Play

It’s no surprise that little hands love to touch and explore the world around them! Toddler sensory play is so important to help little ones experiment with different textures in their world.  Our snowflake sensory tub and sensory bottles have been a hit year after year. Why Is Sensory Play Important? Sensory play is play […]

5 Books for Winter Read Alouds

Coming back from winter break is always exciting…the kiddos might have forgotten 90% of the classroom rules and expectations and they seem to have craziness joy pouring out of them, but it’s nice to see their smiling faces again!  I like to start the new year off with these favorite winter read alouds! Read alouds are […]