This is for all of my Texas teacher friends! I’ve never been a fan of the curriculum the state gives us to teach all about our great state. So, what does a teacher creator do? I make one that is better and more engaging than anything the state can give me! My All About Texas […]

Mock Election Made Fun for Kids

It’ an election year! I’m sure your students hear talk from their own parents about who they will vote for and why. Obviously, talking details about an election to kindergartners is not appropriate, but you can still celebrate our democracy and have fun with mock election activities. Introduce the Vocabulary There are a lot of […]

Good Citizens

I don’t know about you, but I spend almost the entire year of my school year on this topic! Good citizens is a unit that can be taught any time of the year as a single unit. Or, you can break it up throughout the year. There are so many great activities you can do […]

Why Teach About Native Americans?

I have always enjoyed teaching Native American Indians to my kindergarten and first-grade students. There is so much to explore and learn about the first Americans. And one week of study covers a wide variety of learning goals. One year while planning a Native American unit of study my principal asked a colleague why we […]

Importance of Thematic Units

It is so fun to look at all the adorable themes for little learners on Pinterest.  From apples and pumpkins to bugs and flowers, there are so many cute ideas for your students.   But, how can these “cute” thematic unit activities teach students what they need to learn in the classroom? What is a Thematic […]

20 Community Helper Books for Little Learners

Teaching our little learners about community helpers is one of my favorite units. We interact with community helpers everyday – police offers, firemen, mail carriers, doctors and so much more! There are so many ways to have fun with this unit. And, watch little brains at work as they explore and imagine all that’s around […]