20 Community Helper Books for Little Learners

Teaching our little learners about community helpers is one of my favorite units. We interact with community helpers everyday – police offers, firemen, mail carriers, doctors and so much more! There are so many ways to have fun with this unit. And, watch little brains at work as they explore and imagine all that’s around […]

Warning: Snowmen At Work!

When I began teaching, I thought that I had to follow my yearly curriculum by the week.  No….by the day.  After a few years into my career, I realized how oh-so-wrong I was!  Never did I anticipate all the crazy hiccups that came with the job. Furthermore, the flexibility of the job was by far […]

Community Helpers Interactive Poem

Teaching little learners about our community is one of my favorite units!  There is so much to learn and explore together.  I love introducing units in a fun and engaging way and this community helpers interactive poem is perfect for the job. Interactive poems are always a hit and I love all that my learners get out of […]

Interactive Lapbooks for the School Year

I love using interactive lapbooks in the classroom.  They are fun to create, engaging and can be used throughout the year to review skills taught.  I finally completely my Lapbook Bundle and I am happy to share the lapbooks included with you. Whether you think your learners will enjoy creating all of the lapbooks, if you […]

All About America for Little Learners

America. American symbols, history, Presidents, customs and holidays are a lot of information to teach little learners.  However, how do you teach all of the information required without overwhelming your little ones?  Well, worry no more.  This lapbook is a great resource for during and after instruction. It helps you reteach and review information about […]

USA Books for Little Learners

A library full of books about America can help little learners understand how great our country is.  There are so many great books and resources for children to use when learning about America.  Exposing them to our history, symbols, presidents, customs will help to create a foundation for citizenship. Books About America Here are 12 books to add […]