Spider Craft for Pronouns and Antecedents

We’ve been working really hard getting to know our pronouns in second grade! Pronouns aren’t new to my students. They learned about them in first grade. However, in second grade, we expand on them even more! We had so much fun learning about pronouns that we created this fun spider craft for pronouns and antecedents. […]

Spider Counting

It’s that time of year where you see those creepy crawling spiders everywhere in stores. Those are the only spiders that I allow in my house, and I can handle it for the short amount of time! Of course, when I found these fun spider erasers, a spider counting game to mind. And it’s perfect […]

Spider Science Activities for Little Learners

Creepy crawly critters are definitely NOT my favorite creatures, but spider science has always been fun to teach.  It’s easy to see why! Why Spiders? Spiders are a great way to teach a variety of science skills.  From the basic needs of living things to life cycle and anatomy.  Spiders are designed specifically for their […]