Digraphs Summer Sort

As a teacher, one of the most rewarding things to watch is the academic growth in my learners. They walk in those first days of school maybe knowing how to spell their name and recite the alphabet. But they leave reading entire books. They are so proud of themselves when they move away from just […]

Sun Safety Activities

We are continuing our series of Summer Safety! Last week, I featured the water safety resource. This week we are focusing on sun safety. Summer months take us all outside whether it be swimming, camping or just jumping on the trampoline. We have to keep our skin healthy! Start With a Book! You know me! […]

20 America Books for Little Learners

Exploring the America unit is such a fun one – it’s one of my favorite units. There are so many fun ways to explore this unit with little learners. And watch them learn all kinds of new things about America and our presidents. It’s amazing to watch as they read different America books with this […]

20 Ocean Books for Little Learners

The ocean unit is such a fun unit to teach to our little learners! Between visiting the beach, exploring different marine life, and the fascinating coral reef, the ocean unit is so exciting! There are so many fun ways to explore the ocean unit and watch little minds learn and grow as they read ocean […]

20 Beach Books for Little Learners

Teaching our little learners all about beaches is such a fun and exciting unit. There are so many fun ways to explore this beach unit. You’ll get to watch little minds be amazed as they learn all about beaches. It’s SO FUN to watch them read through beach books, too! ¬†They might even learn a […]