Talking Turkey Phonics Fun

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! So, to add a little fun to our phonics mini-lessons I decided to create our “Talking Turkey” cup.  It’s so simple to make, and you probably have the supplies already on hand!  I use this quick activity to go over our phonics rules for the week.  Even though it’s […]

Dramatic Play Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Do you use a home center in your classroom or homeschool?  Creating a space for learners to mimic cooking and other household chores has so many benefits from preschool to first grade (yes – still in first grade). Providing your little learners with home center activities that promote social, cognitive, language and physical development is essential to […]

Pilgrim Children Chores

Chores…oh, how they have changed since the Pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower.  Pilgrim children had responsibilities just like children do now.  I wonder if pilgrim children complained about their chores like my kids do?? Anyway, in Kindergarten students are to understand the similarities and differences between people.  Things like their religion, food, laws, clothing, and […]