Science was the last subject area I taught during our day in the classroom.  After a morning of literacy, lunch, recess and math, it was finally time to teach some science lesson plans.  Honestly, I was usually exhausted by the time science rolled around. Overwhelmed with Science Setting out a ton of materials and making […]

How to Create a Home Made Thermometer

I have a love/hate relationship with science activities. More of a love than a hate, but it’s there. I love how curious my learners are when we start a science lesson. However, when you think of science, you think of science experiments. Most think experiments lead to big messes. But experiments can be simple, and […]

Weather Unit for Little Learners

Weather is a fascinating thing for little learners! They love watching rain in the spring and snow in the winter. But there is so much more to weather than what’s falling from the sky! This weather unit is a great introduction for your little learners! Whole Group Activities There is hardly ever a time when […]

Interactive Weather Lapbook

Teaching a weather unit is so much fun for little learners and adults.  There are so many great weather books and simple experiments that can facilitate a weather unit.  Creating an interactive and lasting way for your learners to explore the weather is a bonus. Of course, this Weather Interactive Science Lapbook is the perfect way of […]

Weather Books for Little Learners

Teaching little learners about weather is one of my favorite science units.  We experience and see weather everyday and there are so many great hands-on and simple experiments that can enhance a weather unit.  Providing learners with a variety of weather books is essential to help them explore all the science behind the weather we see […]