Winter is here and in most cases there is a lot of learning inside rather than outside. I find that my learners are more fidgety during the winter months than any other season. It doesn’t get too cold here in Texas, but the lack of sun and the short days leave my students tired and […]

Quick Ways to Differentiate Writing Activities

As an early elementary educator, the best part of my job is to watch the huge amount of growth in my learners. They walk into elementary school barely reading. Writing is minimal. By the time they leave second grade, they are reading and writing so well. Differentiating for writing is the key factor in creating […]

A Fun Polar Science Experiment!

Questions!  Oh, the questions!  If you’ve ever sat in a kindergarten or first-grade class, you know that you have a full day of questions.  Especially if you introduce a topic they are unfamiliar about.  My little learners ask so many great questions during our polar animal unit.  This polar science experiment is a great way […]

Preschool Penguin Activities

My favorite unit to teach during the winter is our penguin unit. Penguins are a favorite of all preschoolers. They are fascinating creatures that we don’t see unless we visit our local zoo! These preschool penguin activities are a great addition to your science based penguin activities. Literacy Activities A big milestone for preschoolers is […]

Winter Resources for Early Learners

Winter is here which means teachers are prepping for students returning to the classroom from a long break. It’s quite possibly you will have a full classroom of sleepy learners. Planning engaging activities is a must to get learners excited for their return! These winter resources are perfect to use that first few weeks in […]

Winter Rhyming Digital Activity for Little Learners

Winter months are here, which mean colder temps and more inside learning. I find it hard to get students motivated during the winter months due to the cold and wet weather. Usually, there are a few days a week where we are all crammed in the classroom all day not seeing an ounce of outside […]