A Fun Polar Science Experiment!

Questions!  Oh, the questions!  If you’ve ever sat in a kindergarten or first-grade class, you know that you have a full day of questions and stories that have nothing to do with your lesson.  I sure do love hearing all of their far-fetched stories. Even the crazy questions make the day quite interesting! And it’s […]

Warning: Snowmen At Work!

When I began teaching, I thought that I had to follow my yearly curriculum by the week.  No….by the day.  After a few years into my career, I realized how oh-so-wrong I was!  Never did I anticipate all the crazy hiccups that came with the job. Furthermore, the flexibility of the job was by far […]

How Penguin Activities Help Students Learn Informational Texts

When winter rolls around, my daughter just can’t get enough penguin activities. These little birds are the cutest with their little short bodies and waddles across the ice.  She laughs and giggles every time we see them at the zoo.  Of course, when I go to switch out my seasonal books I have to make […]

Write the Room Reading Game

When you teach little ones, you are bound to have a few kinesthetic learners, or children that learn best through being active.  A write the room reading game is a great way to engage your kinesthetic and visual learners.  They move around the room in search of words, which is what they need! Write the Room […]

Little Elf Five Senses Christmas Book

During the Christmas season there is so much to experience…lights, jingle bells, yummy sweets and Santa hats everywhere…it can be an overload for your senses.  That makes Christmas the perfect time to teach or review the five senses and our Little Elf Christmas book is a great resource for doing just that. During the 5 […]