20 Animals in Winter Books

The animals in winter unit is such a fun unit to teach to our little learners! They see all kinds of winter animals everyday but may not be aware of the changes they must go through during the winter! There are so many fun ways to explore the animals in winter unit and watch little […]

20 Winter Books for Little Learners

Teaching little learners all there is to know about winter with the winter unit is such a wonderful unit to go through! There are so many ways to explore this unit and watch little minds be amazed as they learn all about the winter season. It’s so fun to watch them as we read winter […]

20 Christmas Books for Little Learners

Exploring the Christmas unit is such a fun and exciting time of year! There are so many ways to go through this unit with little learners and watch them be amazed as they learn all about their favorite holiday, Christmas! It’s SO MUCH FUN to watch them as you read through Christmas books with this […]

20 Holidays Around the World Books

Teaching our little learners about the holidays around the world with this polar express unit is such a fun unit to explore! There are so many other holidays out there that we know nothing about. With this unit, we get to explore all the holidays out there in such fun and exciting ways. We get […]

Warning: Snowmen At Work!

When I began teaching, I thought that I had to follow my yearly curriculum by the week.  No….by the day.  After a few years into my career, I realized how oh-so-wrong I was!  Never did I anticipate all the crazy hiccups that came with the job. Furthermore, the flexibility of the job was by far […]

How Penguin Activities Help Students Learn Informational Texts

When winter rolls around, my daughter just can’t get enough penguin activities. These little birds are the cutest with their little short bodies and waddles across the ice.  She laughs and giggles every time we see them at the zoo.  Of course, when I go to switch out my seasonal books I have to make […]