How Penguin Activities Help Students Learn Informational Texts

When winter rolls around, my daughter just can’t get enough penguin activities. These little birds are the cutest with their little short bodies and waddles across the ice.  She laughs and giggles every time we see them at the zoo.  Of course, when I go to switch out my seasonal books I have to make […]

Penguin Science: Research and Record

Penguin science is a unit that I absolutely love. And it’s a great way to introduce research. But, conducting research projects in early childhood classrooms can seem a little intimidating. However, when you provide your learners with the correct resources, research, like this fun lapbook, can be so much fun.  Even better…you are able to teach reading, writing […]

Writing Letters with Sensory Snow

Letter formation is a skill that needs a lot of practice. Sometimes, holding a pencil to paper is not always the best way to go.  There are many fun ways to teach writing letters!  Just have fun with it! We recently made snow using our Insta-snow kit.  I didn’t want to throw it out.  It […]

Making Snow | A Simple Science Activity

Simple science experiments are one of our favorite activities at home and school.  I used this Insta-Snow powder in the classroom and now my son gets to enjoy it, too.  Just water and some Insta-Snow is all you need to create a scientific learning experience for your little learners.   How To Make Snow Little man […]

Write the Room Reading Game

When you teach little ones, you are bound to have a few kinesthetic learners, or children that learn best through being active.  A write the room reading game is a great way to engage your kinesthetic and visual learners.  They move around the room in search of words, which is what they need! Write the Room […]

Snowflake Toddler Sensory Play

It’s no surprise that little hands love to touch and explore the world around them! Toddler sensory play is so important to help little ones experiment with different textures in their world.  Our snowflake sensory tub and sensory bottles have been a hit year after year. Why Is Sensory Play Important? Sensory play is play […]