When it comes to teaching sentence structure, it can be boring and somewhat tedious. However, that’s not the case with this activity! If you want your learners to grasp what you’re teaching, you have to make it fun. These silly sentences cards are just what your students need! By the time our learners reach the […]

How to Create an Effective Writing Space for Learners

I can’t wait to dig into Writer’s Workshop with my second graders. My writing space was first on my list of things to plan when I got my classroom. I know writing can be a scary thing to teach little ones. However, if you run a successful Writer’s Workshop, your kids will love writing. Add […]

Writing Mentor Texts You Need for the Classroom

Do you find it difficult to introduce the skill of writing to young learners? Have you noticed your writers aren’t making the progress you hoped? Writing is a difficult, but very important skill for little ones. The sooner we get our kids writing, the easier it will be for them as they mature. You’ll make […]

How To Set Up Writer’s Workshop in Your Classroom

Writer’s Workshop has been in classrooms all over the nation for a number of years. It’s a system that shows early learners that writing is fun, and can develop young learners into lifelong writers. In order to get the most out of Writer’s Workshop, you must have an organized system. Find out how to properly […]

Capital Letters Chart

One of my favorite reasons of being an educator is to see the the academic growth in my students. I watched my students come in as early readers and writers to reading books and writing their own short stories. Readers and Writer’s Workshop played a key part in my students’ success. But to make it […]

Writing Series Part 6- Publishing

We are here! Your little writers have spent quite a while writing a story. It’s now time to go to the publishing stage. I know they have worked hard to get to this point, and you, as a teacher, have worked hard for them too. So, let’s get to publishing! Where Do We Start? I […]