Spider Craft for Pronouns and Antecedents

We’ve been working really hard getting to know our pronouns in second grade! Pronouns aren’t new to my students. They learned about them in first grade. However, in second grade, we expand on them even more! We had so much fun learning about pronouns that we created this fun spider craft for pronouns and antecedents. […]

Halloween Word Play for Beginning Readers

Learning how to hear the individual sounds or phonemes in words can be a tricky skill for many early readers.  One tool that is a great help during small group instruction is Elkonin boxes.  These Halloween Elkonin boxes are perfect for a warm-up word play activity this October. What Are Elkonin Boxes? You’re probably thinking […]


I love teaching a little one to write. But I’ve had so many questions from people. “How do you do it?” “Where do I start?” “How do I meet all of my learners?” Those are all very valid questions. And when I get these questions, I tell people to not make writing stressful for kids. […]

A Camping Scavenger Hunt for Little Learners

Camping is a great family activity that you can do any time of the year.  Our favorite time to camp is the fall and spring season where the weather is perfect-not too hot or too cold!  We get away from all the stress of every day life and just enjoy everything around us.  We have […]


When it comes to teaching sentence structure, it can be boring and somewhat tedious. However, that’s not the case with this activity! If you want your learners to grasp what you’re teaching, you have to make it fun. These silly sentences cards are just what your students need! By the time our learners reach the […]