How to Prompt Early Writers

Encouraging early writers to create a story is a tough job for any Kindergarten or First grade teacher. Early learners are all at different levels of writers, and a lot of times teachers get the “I don’t know what to write about” statement from many. Having a great writing toolbox in your classroom is key […]

Halloween Word Play for Beginning Readers

Learning how to hear the individual sounds or phonemes in words can be a tricky skill for many early readers.  One tool that is a great help during small group instruction is Elkonin boxes.  These Halloween Elkonin boxes are perfect for a warm-up word play activity this October. What Are Elkonin Boxes? You’re probably thinking […]

Ways to Stay Healthy at School

Germs are everywhere, but our kids pick up these pesky little things more at school than any other place. At a young age, it’s so important to teach proper hygiene and ways to keep germs from spreading to our friends and family. To cover those preschool and kindergarten health standards, placing fun activities on how […]

Sun Safety Activities

We are continuing our series of Summer Safety! Last week, I featured the water safety resource. This week we are focusing on sun safety. Summer months take us all outside whether it be swimming, camping or just jumping on the trampoline. We have to keep our skin healthy! Start With a Book! You know me! […]

Journal Template

I love teaching a little one to write. But I’ve had so many questions from people. “How do you do it?” “Where do I start?” “How do I meet all of my learners?” Those are all very valid questions. And when I get these questions, I tell people to not make writing stressful for kids. […]