Pilgrim Children Chores

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Chores…oh, how they have changed since the Pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower.  Pilgrim children had responsibilities just like children do now.  I wonder if pilgrim children complained about their chores like my kids do??

Anyway, in Kindergarten students are to understand the similarities and differences between people.  Things like their religion, food, laws, clothing, and lifestyle.

Help your learners see how children live differently now than the Pilgrim children did.  Find out a little about Pilgrim Children’s chores!


Then and Now | Pilgrims and Present Day Chores - MJCS-3


I first start out by reading one of the books below.  These books do a great job of describing the life of pilgrims in history.  We always have great discussions on how our life is different from theirs.  I got a lot of “They had to do that??!” and “Man, that must have been awful!”.

Then, I put kids into groups to work together to sort the pictures onto the correct mat.  Next, they write about a chore the Pilgrims did and a chore they do now (using the cards or thinking on their own).

We then discussed why we have different chores now and how technology has changed the way we live.

Then and Now | Pilgrims and Present Day Chores - MJCS-3

Follow me over on YouTube to see how to complete this activity with your learners and grab the my entire Thanksgiving Packet {here}.

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