Thanksgiving Turkey Interactive Poem

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Let’s talk interactive poems.  Have you used them before?  Maybe the term is new for you.  The name fits, because that’s exactly what it is.  It’s a poem that is interactive!

I adore pocket charts!

I used them all over my classroom and now that we have more space in our new playroom…you better believe I pulled them out!
Grayson and I had a great time with our Thanksgiving Turkey poem.  It’s simple, rhymes, fun and best of all INTERACTIVE!  We literally read the poem together for over 30 minutes!
These interactive poems are great for all ages.  As you can see, Grayson isn’t at the reading age.  However, these poems are a great tool to use to introduce reading skills.  Just by pointing at the words, he’s able to visualize when a word stops and ends.  By reading this poem over and over, I’m introducing the beginning stages of reading.
Another reason to use these interactive poems are the use of visuals.  Grayson feels like a big kid when we get to the picture because he feels like he’s reading!  We laugh at all the different foods we would rather eat than turkey.  Pizza all day for us!

You can grab this poem for FREE by clicking the download button below!  Be sure to check out my Thanksgiving Thematic Pack as well! 

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