The Burning Bush

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Teaching bible class holds a special place in my heart. And creating engaging bible lessons to teach these little ones is an added bonus! I recently signed up to teach our kindergarten bible class on Sunday mornings. Although the curriculum is provided, I can’t help but put my own spin on each lesson. We are studying all the Old Testament bible stories, and the kids loved the burning bush activity!

The story of Moses is a well known story for young learners.  The burning bush is definitely one of those.  Use this craft for your next Moses lesson to show your learners that God will always be with us!

The Stories of Moses

For several weeks, we’ve been studying the stories of Moses. We started out with baby Moses in the basket on the river. They loved creating their own baskets and watching it float in the water.

This week, we learned about the burning bush. We all know this wonderful story of a strong Godly man that is afraid of what God asks him to do. But God promises him that He will be with Moses through the entire journey.

That is our focus on this specific lesson : God is with you. We started the lesson by learning a new song and going over our weekly memory verse. Then, I read the story in our classroom children’s bible.

Next, we complete an activity that shows how God is with us: God is with us at school, God is with us while we play, God is with us at home.

The Burning Bush

After the lesson, we head back to our tables to create our own burning bush. Many of the supplies I used were things I had around the house: plastic cups, tissue paper, tea lights, mod podge and the free printable you can get below.

I spend the first few minutes modeling how to apply the mod podge inside the cup, because it can get messy very fast!

Next, place the tissue paper inside the cup to make it look like the fire of the bush.

On the outside of the cup, glue the leaves to the cup. These are the leaves of the bush! Last, place the lighted tea light in the cup to illustrate the burning bush.

To grab the freebie, click the link below!


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