The Fruit of the Spirit Necklace

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Teaching little ones how to treat others is a big task for parents. Consistency and structure plays a big part, but I like to use the Fruit of the Spirit in the process.   We talk a lot of how God wants us to treat others so using the Bible is key for us during this process.

Jared and I love teaching bible class at our church.  We work well as a team and enjoy meeting and getting to know the kids at our church.  Kindergarten is, of course, my favorite age to teach.  And we always start the new quarter with this lesson.  It helps set the tone for the rest of the year for them.  We always refer back to the Fruit of the Spirit when we have a situation with a child or group of children.
 To being class, we started by reading 9 Fruits Alive

together. Next, we sing the Fruit of the Spirit song.  Each student picked a fruit and they loved it!  By the end of the class, they were all able to sing each fruit of the spirit.

We sang the song again and discussed each fruit of the spirit in detail as we made our necklaces together. 
 First, have the children color the pictures.  
Next, have them cut the large circle and use a 2 inch puncher to cut out the small circles.  Then, use a hole punch to punch holes in each of the circles.  
Finally, have the children string the circles on yarn or string to create a necklace.   
A fun, easy and simple to help your little learners remember the fruits of the spirit!  You can download this printable by clicking the download button at the bottom of this post.

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