The Story of Samuel

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It’s another week of teaching bible class to these precious three year olds!  They sure loved this lesson of Samuel and the fun activities that went with it.


Just like every week, the first 10-15 minutes of class the children come in and play with toys that are laid out on the table. It is a great time to reinforence how God wants us to treat our friends. It also gives me time to talk to the little ones about their day, welcome visitors and finish up prepping any materials.


We then met on the carpet to discuss why we come to Bible class and sing and talk about our bibles.  We open our class with a prayer.  The kids love when we do a circle prayer.  They want to pray for everything and everyone!  We continued to discuss things that we pray for (family, thanks, help, etc.)
Next, we read the story of Hannah and how she prayed for Samuel in the The Beginner’s Bible.  Then, we continued to read about Samuel and how he heard God calling in the night.  We talked about how Samuel had his listening ears on and obeyed God.  Next, we talked about how we use our body to really listen others.


The children then went to a table to color the printable while I walked around singing “Speak”.
As the children colored their page we measured sentence strip around their head and stapled them to create a circle.  We then glued on the the front, back and ears to their Listening Ears Hat!

Once the children’s hats were complete, we played “Samuel Says”, a spin on “Simon Says.”  It was a simple and fun way to reinforce Samuel’s listening ears.


As parents came to pick up their children, we had the children lay down on ground as if they were asleep.  When their parent arrived, I quietly called the child’s name like God called to Samuel in the night.
You can find Samuel Listens at both my stores!  TpT and MJCS
You can download the printable and ears to create Samuels Listening Ears by clicking below!

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