USA Books for Little Learners

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A library full of books about America can help little learners understand how great our country is.  There are so many great books and resources for children to use when learning about America.  Exposing them to our history, symbols, presidents, customs will help to create a foundation for citizenship.

Children's Books about America - MJCS

Books About America

Here are 12 books to add to your home or school library to help little learners discover all there is know about the United States of America…

Children's Books about America - MJCS

America Is…

by Louise Borden is a great book to introduce America to young readers.  It discusses the places and people that make America.  The illustrations and words are great to share with little learners.

Children's Books about America - MJCSAmerica: A Patriotic Primer

by Lynne Cheney is a perfect alphabet book for America.  There is so much about our country mentioned in this book that will hold your learners attention while teaching them so much!

Children's Books about America - MJCS

Being A Good Citizen

by Mary Small works perfectly for brainstorming ways children can be good citizens.  Creating a before reading and after reader citizenship chart will help learners get involved.

Children's Books about America - MJCS

F is For Flag

by Wendy Cheyette Lewison helps learners to understand all that our flag represents.  The symbolism, history and facts about our flag in one book…yes, please!  Create an American flag together with construction paper and white paint after reading this book.

Children's Books about America - MJCS

The Pledge of Allegiance

by Scholastic, Inc. puts the pledge that many children say every morning with beautiful pictures of our great country.  This book is perfect when teaching the Pledge of Allegiance or sharing the purpose of our pledge.

Children's Books about America - MJCS

US Symbols

by Ann-Marie Kishel helps to explain what a symbol is and more specifically what the symbols of the United States are.  From the flag to the liberty bell this book is a great introduction to America’s Symbols.

Children's Books about America - MJCS

O, Say Can You See?

by Sheila Keenan is another books that gives you so much information about all things American.  From monuments to history this book has so much to offer.

Children's Books about America - MJCS

If I Were President

by Catherine Stier provides students with an accurate account of jobs the President has.  Using real terms and situations that children can understand.

Children's Books about America - MJCS

My Teacher for President

by Kay Winters gives students an understanding of what the president does by relating the jobs and responsibilities of the President to a teacher.

Children's Books about America - MJCS

President’s Day

by Anne Rockwell tells a story of a Presidents’ Day play that discusses the importance of the holiday in a fictional story children can relate to.

Children's Books about America - MJCS

Red, White and Boom!

by Lee Wardlaw shares information about Independence Day in this rhyming book with bright and cheerful illustrations.

Children's Books about America - MJCS

We the Kids

by David Catrow is the perfect book for Constitution Day since it shares the preamble to the constitution with illustrations of children.

Whether you decide all twelve books are great for your learners or only decide to add a few, I hope that you are able to find books about America for your classroom or home.  If you need more resources for teaching about our country check out the America Unit for K-1, America Lapbook or the Fourth of July freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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