Weekly Editable Report Cards

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One of the biggest transitions I had teaching was when I went from six weeks hands-on assessments to a grade book. GRADES for kindergarteners and first graders terrified me!  A few weeks into the school year I found the perfect solution…weekly report cards!

Weekly Editable Report Card

Weekly report cards…really?!?!?  Doesn’t sound very “simple” does it?  Well, I promise that it is!  I created a template and was set for the year.  When I wrote my lessons plans for each week I penciled in activities my students would do that I would take for grades.  This included, observations, worksheets, morning work, interactive notebook pages, small group assessments, etc.

I would then create the report card for that week and make enough copies for each student.   Throughout the week I would take grades on the activities specified on the report card.

By the end of the week I had ALL the GRADES I needed, and better yet, a simple and easy way to record them into our online grade book.  After they were recorded online I filed them into my student files and DONE!

Weekly Editable Report Card

The best part about this report card is there are two sides…WHY???  I had SO MANY parents ask what they could do to help their children, why their child received a 70 on a science activity, etc.  So, one side of this report card went home in the students binder that Friday (or Monday…depending on the week’s craziness).

Needless to say, this was a HIT for me and my parents.  I was able to plan my grades (while still making them fun and engaging), execute in the classroom and keep parents informed with one simple, easy-to-understand and EDITABLE piece of paper.

Get this editable report card FREE by clicking the download button below!

Weekly Editable Report Card


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