We’re Going on a Letter Hunt!

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I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!  We had so much fun spending time with our friends and family.  We had a fun Letter Hunt before the weekend started and Grayson had a blast!  It ended up being a great way to prepare for all the egg hunts he would have later.
 We are still working on the letters Gg and Rr in Grayson’s name.  I cut out the letters from my Alphabet Sorting printables, filled plastic eggs with the letter Gg and Rr cards, and of course, candy! And the Letter Hunt was created! Grayson hunted the eggs in our backyard and even though this was his third Easter, he was thrilled with this ‘new’ activity.  After he found all of the eggs, we opened them up and he identified the letters inside each egg.  He did a great job!
We enjoyed our lunch and played some more outside after this, but there are SO many different ways you can do with this activity!  One extension would be to sort the letter by name and upper- or lowercase (which we did later that day).  You can also have your learners match rhyming pictures or short vowel words and their pictures, identify sight words or numbers, answer math equations, the list goes on and on!  We just stuck with identifying the letters we have been working on, but I will definitely be doing a variation of this activity next year, as well.
And of course, Kynlee was adorable playing outside this whole time.  She LOVED watching her big brother hunting the eggs!
We had a great time going to Grayson’s preschool for an egg hunt, bounce house and other games.  He had a great time!
And of course I have to share a few pictures of my little ones on Easter Sunday.  We had a day full of family time and they both enjoyed the extra hugs and kisses!
I’ll be back tomorrow with Metamorphosis with a Preschooler: Part Three!  Have a great Monday!

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