Winter Digraphs

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Kindergarten is a big year for many milestones! They walk in the first day of school knowing very little about reading. By the end of the year, they are reading their first books. They move from reading consonant-vowel-consonant words to words with digraphs and blends. After we introduce and practice blends, we then move on to digraphs! This digraph activity is perfect for your unit.

A Digraph??

Consonants, vowels, digraphs, blends are all taught in the early years of elementary. As a teacher, they are the building blocks to reading. But to parents, it can be so confusing. Digraphs are two letters that create one sound.

Here are a few examples: ch, sh, ph, th

The Importance..

When learning to read, digraphs tend to the be hardest to grasp. English Language Learners can really struggle at times. But why are digraphs so important to learn at an early age? It helps them understand that there is more to reading than just sounding out individual sounds. They begin to understand that when letters are paired together, a new sound could be made.

 Many Uses…

This activity pairs well with my Winter Consonant Blend activity. This activity is easy to use in whole group teaching. Place the large blend cards on the board, pass out cards to each student, and let them sort as a class!

You can also use in small group lessons. This is where I would use it the most. When you are able to focus on a smaller group of students, you’re able to see who really understands the concept. Work together as a small group, or pair them into partners and watch what they do.

After that, place it in a literacy center for extra practice! When they feel confident in what they know, they do better independently in centers. 

This is an easy to prep activity: just print, laminate , cut and store! To grab this FREE activity, click click the link below!

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