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My students’ favorite small group activities is word mapping with phonics! There are several fun, engaging ways to incorporate word mapping. I took a different spin on it with phone pop its!

What is Word Mapping

The times of sounding out every letter is gone. It wasn’t successful. But taking a deeper study in the Science of Reading through phonics skills creates stronger readers. Word maps are the perfect resource to use when breaking words down by phonemes and letter sounds.

What is Phonemic Awareness?

Not all words can be broke down by letter sounds. When students are taught that skill, fluency breaks down. Phonemic awareness is knowing and recognizing sounds that letters make in a word. That’s where syllables, digraphs and blends come to play!

Free Printable!

I had to find a way to make breaking words down fun, but effective. I’ve seen playdough and fidget pop-its as an option, but then I came across phone pop-its! Dollar Tree to the rescue! I found these fun fruit phone pop-its to add to my word map.

These mats can be used at any time! Use word mapping as a visual for new phonics skills. You can also use these as a quick assessment during small groups!

Word mapping with phonics is simple!

  1. Read the word
  2. Pop the word
  3. Write the word

You can have these word maps in your small group NOW! Click the download button below to get your word maps for your next phonics lesson!

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