Writing Mentor Texts You Need for the Classroom

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Do you find it difficult to introduce the skill of writing to young learners? Have you noticed your writers aren’t making the progress you hoped? Writing is a difficult, but very important skill for little ones. The sooner we get our kids writing, the easier it will be for them as they mature. You’ll make a lot of teachers happy the sooner you start! Mentor texts are an easy and effective way to introduce writing skills to any level of writer. Below are several mentor texts you can use in your classroom to help introduce and improve narrative writing for kindergarten, first and even second grade learners.

Writing Mentor Texts for Kindergarten and First Grade


According to the kindergarten and first grade standards, students should use a combination of drawings and writings to narrate an event (CCSS K.W.3, CCSS 1.W.3, TEKS K14). Narrative writing includes many characteristics. We have to teacher those characteristics and conventions to create successful writers.

Mentor texts are a perfect way to model great writing. What’s better than using published writers as models? The following are writing mentor texts that can used during your whole group and small group instruction.

Introducing Narrative Writing

Ralph Tells a Story

Perfect for those writers who have ‘nothing to write about’! Ralph learns that his stories don’t have be big! Even a small idea or event can be a great story!

Arthur Writes a Story

Because one book on writers who are stuck might not be enough! Arthur has a homework assignment to write a story and he’s stuck! Find out how he learns to write a story instead of staring at a blank page.

The Best Story

What’s considered the best story? Everyone has their OWN story to tell. With this great story, we learn that everyone has the best story to tell!

Max’s Words

Max teaches us that words are what make a story! You can collect many things, but collecting words can help you create a wonderful story.

Writing Mentor Texts for Adjectives

Adjectives can take a boring story to a great story. Adjectives help us see a better picture in our mind when we write and read stories. Here are some great books to add to your whole group and small group lessons.

Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes

Pete has some pretty cool white shoes! But as he walks more in them, they change colors. This book does a great job in teaching our writers how to use color words in our writing.

The Woods

The woods can be frightening! When a little boy loses his bunny in the woods, he heads of on an adventure to find it. Find out what he finds in the woods (and find some great adjectives to use in writing as well!)

Fun Dog, Sun Dog

Tinka is a great dog! He’s also a sun dog who loves the outdoors! Have fun reading all the great adjectives that are used to describe Tinka!

The Grouchy Ladybug

Don’t let the grouchy ladybug ruin your day! This ladybug quickly learns that being grouchy isn’t the best option. Find out how she changes her attitude and introduce your learners to some great describing words!

The Napping House

Oh, this is a fun book! Your class will be laughing with every page. The bed in the house in piled high with animals and a kid and his grandma. Will the bed break? Find out and enjoy some great adjectives while you read.

Mentor Texts on Verbs

Every sentence has to have a verb! Do you want your learners to use the same verbs over and over? Don’t think so! These books are filled with creative words to use in place of those boring verbs we tend to over use.

Kites Sail High

Go on a journey as verbs are introduced and modeled in writing! This book includes many great verbs your learners can use!

Shake, Rattle and Roll

What happens when the illustrated animal comes in contact with its real life counterpart? Find out with this fun book that introduces young learners to action words!

Nothing to Do Puppy

You’ve heard it. “I have nothing to do” is a popular phrase for all little ones. When puppy tells his dad this, his dad gets creative! Find out what actions he suggests to Puppy.

One Mole Digging a Hole

All the animals are busy helping each other in the garden! Find out what each animal does to help! This is a great book on verbs, but it’s also a great book for counting!

Set Writing Goals

As you introduce these writing skills and conventions, meet with your writers in small groups. Find out what they struggle with. Teach them how to set and meet writing goals! You can use this free writing goal packet as you work to introduce these conventions to your readers!

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