Zoom Meeting Rules for Successful Learning

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The education system has been through a whirlwind of changes these last several months. Because of this, teachers are working harder than ever before. Some are back in the classroom, but others are teaching remotely. And we never know when a school will head back to fully remote learning. For those who are teaching using Zoom®, your procedures are different than a classroom teacher. With these Zoom® meeting rules, you will have a zoom class up and running in no time!

Start the Year With a Good Book

The last several blog posts, I’ve shared with you my favorite books on the topic that week. Although there very few picture books on Zoom® meetings, you can still read some fun Back to School books! Here are some of my favorites that I like to read!

Before I read my favorite books during these first few weeks, I go over my online learning expectations. Next, I ask my learners if they can show me the expectations while I read a book. It’s okay to point out what mistakes are made without pointing out the child. I like to say “I love how you looked at the pages while I read, but make sure we don’t talk to our brother or sister while I’m reading!”. Little ones want to please you so much, so it just takes a little bit of redirection.

Be Consistent

The first few weeks of school is nothing but consistent lessons and practice of classroom expectations and procedures. The same thing applies to online learning. Zoom meeting rules have to be well established if you want to get as much teaching done during the day.

Email this resource to your parents! This poster is a great resource to keep next to their device to remind them of the expectations.

A quick mini lesson you can have each morning is to go over the rules and expectations of Zoom®. All you need is a pocket chart handy!

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