Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl, SUPER SALE!!!

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Friday, January 30, 2015

We're Going on a Color Hunt

Little man got a new clipboard recently and wanted to be able to use it "a bunch of times when we do school at home"... challenge accepted!  I decided to create Color/Trace/Write the Room activities for him to use at home.  I started with this {Color the Room} and this {Write the Room: Alphabet} pack and will be creating more as he completes them.
Set-up is SO simple!  I just printed, cut and posted the cards around the room using sticky tack and attached the workpage I wanted him to use to his clipboard. 
Then we worked together to find each color and match the words from the cards to the word on his workpage.  He then found the correct color and colored the crayon on his work page.  One bonus to this clipboard is that the crayons can be stored in this handy compartment...LOVE!!!
After, he found all of the cards and the crayons had been colored we reviewed the color words.  
Little man was adorable and insisted on saying each letter before reading the word.  He did a GREAT job and did it all with little help from me...YAY!
Kynlee wanted to join in on the fun, so she got her own page to color!  She also found her brother's camera (on her own) to help me take some pictures...oh, how I love this sweet girl!
You can get this {Color the Room} activity on my TpT Store....ENJOY!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

5 Valentine Cards for Kids

On our last trip to Target, I decided to pick up some party favors to make the kiddos' Valentine Cards this year.  I wanted to pick one favor for G and one for K, but our decision making skills went out window and we got a few different ones for them to give their friends.  I made up {these} little cards for each of the favors and wanted to share them with you.  You can find these toys in the party section at Target.  Then, just print the card you want and attach with some double-sided tape!  Enjoy!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages {FREEBIE}

Miss K loves to bang a crayon and scribble color whenever she can find a crayon.  So, I decided to create a few cute Valentine's Day pages for her to color instead of our floor, wall, table, brother, get the idea!

I wanted to share them with you in case you find yourself needed a quick activity for your little ones this February, too!  ENJOY!
You can download the freebie {here}!

If you need a little more activities for Valentine's Day, check out my Valentine's Day Pack for Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten {here}!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cowboys Mini-Pack for Little Learners

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is going on now and we are going to Bull's Night Out with G this week.  He is super excited to see the "other" cowboys and some bulls and horses!    
To get little man even more excited, I just finished creating a mini-pack with a few center activities and other resources for him and your own little learners.  

You can get these centers and more {here}!

Monday, January 19, 2015

God Made Me Unique Like a Snowflake

We had our Mommy and Me class this past week at our church.  I am so excited to get back into the swing of preparing for and teaching these classes with my little ones.  I decided to try out a new system this month to make it easier on me (as a mom and the teacher) and more hands on for the kiddos.  It went great!  I had a couple moms help me prepare materials for the class, as well as, setup and pretty much everyone stayed to clean after.  I am beyond blessed with the wonderful mommies and babies at our church!  

Circle Time:
To open the class, we met for circle time and sang a few snowflake songs you can find {here} that talk about snowflakes and how God made us unique like snowflakes.
Another mom and I made these snowflake shakers with paper plates, rice and beans, hot glue, ribbon and the snowflake pictures found {here}.  The kiddos were able to shake them while we sang. 
After circle time, the moms took their child around to 4 different activities.  This time of the class was unstructured so the moms could determine how long they played at each of the activities based on their own child.

Craft Table:
At the craft table the children used the white glitter paint to make their own unique snowflakes on the "God Made Me Unique Like a Snowflake" paper.  The paper also states the verse for the lesson, so families can discuss the concept more at home.

Sensory Table #1:
Since we have babies, toddlers and preschoolers there were two different sensory tables.  The first table included homemade play dough, snowflake cookie cutters and various "winter" accents for the children to make their own unique snowflake.  This activity was a hit for the toddlers and preschoolers...although K did enjoy eating her snowflake!

Sensory Table #2:
The table was made with babies in mind, but the older ones enjoyed it, too.  The sensory tub is filled with a variety of "baby friendly" snowflakes (from a local dollar store), ribbon, felt snowflakes, shiny pom-poms, and shiny pipe cleaners (with the ends folded in).
There was also a tub of sensory bottles at this table.  The bottles were created with a different materials to allow for extended play.  I used warm water, glitter glue, glitter, sequins, hair gel, and winter accents (similar to play dough table).  Be sure to hot glue the lid onto the bottle for fun and safe play!  G had a fun time making these bottles with me as we experimented with different combinations...K is still wondering around our house with them.

Snack Table:
Gotta have snack time, right?!?!  This was a fun (and messy) snack for the little ones.  The children dipped 1 large and a few small marshmallows in water, then rolled them in blue glitter.  Next, they used the pretzel sticks to create their own unique snowflake.  Yummy fun!

You can get the songs, signs and other materials I created for the lesson {here}!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to Make Your Own Chore Chart...

When little man was ready to have his own responsibilities and chore chart at home I wanted to create a chart that was easy for him to use and specific to the jobs he would need to complete on his own.  I also wanted to make this chart available for other moms, so I needed to find a way to make it versatile and simple to make.  

I decided to create a variety of Chore Charts and Editable Cards for you to make a personalized chart for you own children.  This post is a tutorial of how to create a chart using {this product} for your child.  
First, edit the text on each of chore cards you want to use and print the chore chart, chores you want to have on that specific chart and the stars.
Cut out the chore cards you want on the chart and glue them in the correct order.
Next, laminate and add Velcro dots to the chore chart and stars.
Finally, post the chore chart and have your child complete as needed.  

We started with 1 chore chart that specified 4 jobs to be completed.  Once he was able to complete this chart on his own, I added another chart.  Now, G has 4 charts he completes on daily basis (for the most part).  

You can get this no-prep chore chart {here} for free!
If you want to create a personalized chart for your child you can get all of my charts and editable cards {here}.