Thursday, February 26, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Sight Word Matching Game

Little man has been a little learning sponge lately!  We are getting a lot of letter and number practice and he is now beginning to notice the difference between his letters, numbers and WORDS.  I decided to start introducing some sight words so, I created a sight word matching game. I wrote 6 sight words (the, to, and, I, a, you) on the back of some shamrocks.  We played together and as we turned the words over I sang a fun tune for each word.  We've played this game a couple times together and he's loving little boy LOVES to match...and win, of course!  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shamrock Name Practice

G can't get enough of practicing his name...whether saying, spelling or writing...he is so into it!  When I picked up these shamrocks from the dollar store, I knew they would be great for some extra name practice. 
I grabbed some glue and gold glitter and got them ready.  Simply write your learner's name on the shamrocks with the glue...Sprinkle on some fun gold glitter...Dump off the extra glitter and...tada...sparkly shamrock letters!!!The possibilities are can do some name practice by ordering and even tracing the tactile shamrocks.  Instead of letters, you can create shapes, numbers, sight words and much more!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

March Circle Time and Calendar Pack

The March Circle Time and Calendar Pack is all finished and uploaded just in time for the big TpT TEACHERS ARE HEROES Sale!  Be sure to head over and add this pack to your cart.
I am really excited about this month's focus lesson!  In March, decoding will be introduced with these super fun decoding strips!  There are 50 CVC words to practice with your learners during mini-lessons in March that can then be moved to small group and independent instruction time.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Sensory Tub

Little Miss K LOVES her sensory tubs and they are super easy to throw together.  I recently went to our local dollar store and picked up a variety of St. Patrick's themed goodies.  I simply threw them in a bucket and let K play.   No plan, no activity...just an invitation of play.  K immediately began pulling the shamrocks from them tub and laying them out.  I built on her play by lining the shamrocks in patterns just for some fun.  G joined in soon after and we played together...K explored the different materials and textures while G extended the patterns we made.  Another successful sensory tub for the kiddos!  

Friday, February 13, 2015

Letter Aa Flipbook FREEBIE!

I am absolutely loving our new letter of the week packets and the kiddos are, too!  Today I decided to offer the letter Aa flipbook as a freebie for you to use with your little learners.Have your learners rainbow write the letter before coloring, cutting and stapling the book together.After completing the book, have the learners add the flipbook to their book box for independent practice or read the book to you or to a friend.  Enjoy!Download this freebie by clicking the link below and get more letter Aa resources in my letter Aa packet at my {TpT Store}!  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Sensory Tub

Pom-poms, pipe cleaners, sparkly hearts, and plastic tub = fun sensory play for little ones!!!  We had a few Valentine's goodies that I picked up at the dollar store and instead of coming up with a craft to use them for I decided to throw them in a tub and let the kiddos have at it. And they had a blast! 
I simply put the materials in the tub and let them take it from there.  G grabbed the bowls and spoons from the play kitchen and the afternoon was gone!  I love activities like this that prove giving kiddos an invitation to play rather than creating a structured activity can be an engaging learning experience!  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Snowy Day Alphabet Activity...and a GIVEAWAY!

G is getting SO GOOD at identifying his letters and sounds...I am one proud Mommy!  I try to incorporate a lot of letters and sounds into our daily routines and he is picking it up like crazy!  I wanted to share a quick activity I pulled together to help G practice letter names and sounds, as well as, some scissor practice. 
If you follow my blog you might remember {this post} where we matched capital and lowercase letters.  I kept the tub of fake snow and will continue to use it until spring time (it might be all the snow we get to have this year).  I simply grabbed the tub, added some {Lakeshore Alphabet Beads} I already had, and gave little man a pair of {Learning Resources Handy Scoopers}.
He would use his scoopers to grab a bead, say the letter name and sound and drop it back into the tub...easy, peasy...and he LOVED it!
Now, onto the GIVEAWAY!  I absolutely LOVE having the {Learning Resources Handy Scoopers}on hand whenever I need them.  We use them outside, in the bathtub and even snack time...I know, we're just crazy like that!  You have a chance to win the handy scoopers by entering the giveaway below...GOOD LUCK!!!