Monday, December 15, 2014

"5 Little Gingerbread Men" Interactive Poem

Interactive poems are always a hit and even better when they incorporate both literacy and math skills.  Little man has been enjoying our 5 Little Gingerbread Men poem and it is absolutely adorable to hear him reading it!
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Baby Jesus Envelope Craft

Now that things have slowed down, I will be teaching Mommy and Me bible classes at our church again.  It is an interactive bible class from infants, toddlers and preschoolers and I love creating and teaching it!  I just posted my lesson for this month, The Birth of Jesus, on my TpT store. We are going to be making this craft for our class, so I thought I would share the directions on my blog. 
First, gather the materials needed and cut out the pictures on the printable.
Next, color the pictures...add glitter to the star for a little extra sparkle!
Fold the top section of the envelope in half and cut the dotted lines.
 Fold in the 3 triangles toward the center of the envelope. 
Glue the "Joy to the World" sign over the triangles to glue them together while creating a pocket for baby Jesus.
 Glue the star onto the top of the craft.
Wrap the twine or yarn around your fingers to create a circle...please ignore my horrible fingernails. 
Place baby Jesus inside the circle.  Let the little ones rock him to sleep then... him inside the manger.  You can glue him inside the envelope or leave it as is, so it can be used to retell the story!
 The great thing about this craft is that it can also be used as an ornament!
You can get this craft in my new resource, The Birth of Jesus!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Let it Snow...Alphabet Hunt!

We don't see much snow in Texas, so the packaged stuff is usually as good as it gets during the holidays.  I found some that I had stashed with our Christmas goodies!  I put the snow in a container and will use it now, as well as, throughout the winter for all sorts of fun activities.  Today Grayson played with it for the first time while practicing letter recognition by searching and matching the letters Aa-Ll... 
I printed my Alphabet Puzzle, cut and placed the pieces in the bucket full of "snow"...easy peasy!  G had a ton of fun digging through the snow to find the letters instead of simply making matches.  If you have a tub or sandbox in your home or classroom fill it up with FloraCraft Fake Snow and let your kiddos have a little extra holiday fun with their center!
You can get the Alphabet Puzzles shown above in my Christmas Pack!
Have little ones at home that want to play, too but aren't big enough?  

Here is what Kynlee did while Grayson was busy.  Little miss LOVES putting things in and out of whatever she can find, so I grabbed a fun Christmas box, some wrapped presents I got from Walmart a few years back and she went to town!  I know we will be finding little presents around our playroom until the spring...she put them everywhere!  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Number Toss

Grayson is loving all the fun learning games we have been playing lately.  Now, that I have all my resources handy it is easier to think up a game, grab some materials and play together. 
G is a kinesthetic learner and enjoys all things related to sports.  So, I grabbed these discs that I bought at Target over the summer, taped on number cards for my Preschool: Getting Started Pack and, of course, a suction was an instant hit!
The great thing about this game is that it can be used to teach or reinforce SO many concepts...letters, sight words, numbers, shapes, colors...the list goes on!

We tossed the ball until it landed on a disc.  Then, we either counted or said the number it landed on.   
The more we played the better G was able to identify the numbers without needing to count the pictures.  
This is definitely a game we will be pulling out often!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Interactive Poem

I adore pocket charts!   

I used them all over my classroom and now that we have more space in our new better believe I pulled them out!

Grayson and I had a great time with our Thanksgiving Turkey poem.  It's simple, rhymes, fun and best of all INTERACTIVE!  We literally read the poem together for over 30 minutes!    

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