Halloween Word Play for Beginning Readers

Learning how to hear the individual sounds or phonemes in words can be a tricky skill for many early readers.  One tool that is a great help during small group instruction is Elkonin boxes.  These Halloween Elkonin boxes are perfect for a warm-up word play activity this October. What Are Elkonin Boxes? You’re probably thinking […]

Rhyming Acorns Fall Literacy Activity

Fall is a wonderful season to spend with little ones.  So much is changing in the world around them. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing color and all the learning they’re experiencing is incredible. As a matter of fact, if you’re searching for a fall literacy activity your little learners can enjoy […]

Summer Rhyming Game

Popsicles and summer just go together perfectly.   While some popsicles are great by the pool, these popsicles are a great summer rhyming game for you and your learners to enjoy together. Rhyming Cards Activities and games with pieces like these rhyming cards make it easy to create a variety of different ways to use […]