Editable Sight Word Magnetic Letter Center

I was a junior in college and observing a kindergarten classroom for the first time.  The room was filled with children scattered about working at their literacy stations.  Through the noise my attention turned toward the sight word center where the teacher was performing sight word assessments during her reading group.  She must have saw […]

Rhyming Acorns Fall Literacy Activity

Fall is a wonderful season to spend with little ones.  So much is changing in the world around them. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing color and all the learning they’re experiencing is incredible. As a matter of fact, if you’re searching for a fall literacy activity your little learners can enjoy […]

Preschool Curriculum

Whether you are doing a homeschool preschool program or are a teacher in a preschool, having a plan is essential.  Every year, I begin with an outline for what I plan to teach throughout the school year. I created this resourceful, editable preschool curriculum to keep organized and easily change what I teach from year […]

Road Trip Busy Bags

Busy bags are a great way to give your little ones something to do while on the road, in the classroom, during rest time, at church…the list honestly goes on and on.  Better yet, there are so many busy bags that will keep them engaged and learning at the same time. Travel with Kids Since […]