Real-Life Shape Posters

It’s that time of year where you’re getting your classroom ready for a new school year! You fill the walls with posters, label everything in sight, and organize your supplies. Something you might consider is adding posters like these real-life shape posters to your decor! Why Use Real Life Images? Sure, we can slap a […]

A Fun Way for Pencil Storage

Pencils. You love them, and you hate them at the same time. They are found all over the classroom floor. Students never have them when they need them. Erasers turn into a form of chewing gum. For a kindergarten teacher, it’s a pet peeve of mine! But do you know what’s wonderful about kindergarteners? You […]

Math Center Organization

Math centers are a big part of today’s classrooms. The days of whole group instruction are gone. Small groups, partner work and centers are here to stay. You might have some great math centers, but how is your math center organization? Have you considered how easy your centers would run if they were more organized? […]

Classroom Decor that Works!

There are so many goodies you can find that are adorable and perfect to make your classroom look amazing.  But, being a Type-A teacher myself, I want cute AND functional.  Finding classroom decor that is bright, clear and serves a purpose is how I keep my classroom organized. Bright and Clear I am not one […]

How to Organize Centers in Your Classroom

It amazes me how quickly a classroom can fill up with “stuff”.  The last classroom I moved into my family was in shock as we unloaded box after box of teaching goodies.  The amount of resources we use with our students is a tad bit overwhelming.  But, knowing that I will be able to organize everything […]

Free Lesson Plans Template

How is school already around the corner?  Summer has seriously flown by.  I love having the kids at home, having no type of schedule and hanging out at the water park all week.  However, I’m ready for a little more consistency in our life.  I think my kids are ready for it as well.  I […]